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Who is GSL Rescue Group -

Summary -

  • Awaiting terms from ASX for reinstatement to quotation (expected by 30 May 2019)
  • General Meeting of Shareholders to Approve DOCA Terms of Reconstruction (est. late June 2019)
  • Prospectus Capital Raise (expected in July 2019)
  • Reinstatement to ASX Quotation and end to Administration (expected August 2019)
  • Now undertaking restructure for manufacture of products to service markets for integrated and stand-alone power for the IoT, rechargeable products, building power, and grid power markets.
  • Operations in UK, Italy and Australia, collaborations in Asia and Europe

Detailed About Us -

GSL Rescue Group (GRC) has been formed to rescue Greatcell Solar Limited (in Administration and subject of a Deed of Company Administration (DOCA)). GRC with Otsana Capita as its corporate advisors, are parties to the DOCA and have a clear plan for the financial and operational reconstruction of GSL. Completion of all DOCA terms is expected by end of 3 rd quarter 2019 with the company expecting reinstatement of quotation on the ASX.

GSL Rescue Group is awaiting ASX approval of its DOCA proposal and terms of reinstatement to quotation. Following that approval, a General Meeting of Shareholders of GSL will be called (probable date is last week of June 2019) to approve the terms of the DOCA reconstruction.

The final step before restatement to ASX quotation will be issue of a prospectus to raise capital and which will give shareholders and new investors the opportunity to consider financially supporting the company by investing as it enters into its final stages of commercialisation of the vast array of GSL’s world leading renewable IP and Patented Technology and transition to financial success. On successful completion of the prospectus capital raise, GSL will be requoted on the ASX and the tems of the DOCA will be fulfilled and the Administrator will pass the operation of the Company back to the new GSL Board. The Directors of GSL will be Steven James (Chair) Tom Fontaine (CEO) and Gavin Tulloch.